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Exodus Pathology-Work in Progress
Mid-length film and multi channel installation-Archival

In a generic green card template posted online by USCIS, the cardholder's full name is stated as "Test V Specimen." The USCIS number is simply 1, and the Green Card category is RE8, implying that "Test V Specimen" is a child of an alien or refugee from the country of "UTOPIA." Exodus Pathology is a hybrid documentary that contemplates the long-running issue of displacement within the filmmaker's own family across three generations.

Test V's story unravels through inverted imagery, computer-generated sounds, home movie, imaginary cartagraphy, pigmentary comparisons, and internet connectivity glitches. By laying out the problems of her country of origin,Utopia,the film looks at the issue not as an isolated incident but as a pattern. 

The filmmaker weaves together intense familial cinema verite, reenactments in lieu of lost evidence of oral history, distorted video chats and political praxis to raise question about the possibility of different futurity. 

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