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Inflatable Bodies.2023
Hand Blown Glass and Rocks

In Persian poetry, stone and glass signify antagonism and hostility when juxtaposed, while human life is often analogized to glass bottles, meant to be hidden. Pressing various rocks, representatives of different geographies and environments, against glass balloons portrays the threshold of resistance and responds to how these pressures alter the form of these objects- life bottles/human bodies. In this series of sculptures that consists of 8 objects, I aim to transform an object from a shape, to a condition. By providing my audience with flashlights to illuminate the objects, I playfully engage them with their positionality through the shadows and reflections and highlight the impact it has on their perception of the objects/conditions. Glass, as a delicate threshold, divides the interior and exterior, has the unique capability to distort and reconfigure our perception of the world around us.

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